SoCal IP Law Group handles intellectual property matters for high technology and high growth companies. This work involves patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licenses and IP-related business transactions. Although most of our work is with companies in the $10M-$750M range, our clients also include multi-billion dollar multinationals and start-ups. We have chosen to limit our practice to intellectual property law, and therefore have developed considerable expertise and a reputation for excellence in our field.

As we have passed through successive economic cycles, we have learned that our strengths as lawyers and as a law firm serve clients well in good times and in bad. These strengths include:

Superior Business Understanding

By focusing our practice on selected industries, we deal daily with the issues that really affect our clients. This gives us a genuine understanding of the dynamic industries with which we work. Through this understanding and our pragmatic approach to lawyering, we provide our clients with the strategic advantages needed in today’s fast-paced, competitive business environment.

Superior Technical Understanding

We pride ourselves on not only knowing the law, but understanding our clients’ technologies. We have a broad and deep knowledge of our chosen areas of technology. We aim to have sufficient technical expertise to be a valued member of the client’s technical team.

A Traditional View of Professionalism

Though we don’t wear powdered wigs or black robes, we do strongly identify as professionals. The tradition of the practice of law guides us as professionals, and ensures that we focus on client interests regardless of personal interests. We find the field of intellectual property law to be incredibly interesting, both because of the fundamental public policies that drive it and its often rapid changes. Yet, by appreciating the defining characteristics of attorneys, we can dedicate ourselves to the hard work of continuous improvement of our knowledge, skills and expertise that ensures our clients are well served.

A Better Sense of Proportion

Knowing what clients want, we concentrate on what is important for them, using our judgment to get to the heart of the matter while keeping sight of its context.

Real Economies of Scope

We configure our practice to respond effectively and efficiently to client and market demands. Within each of our practice areas our resources go further, providing superior value for the money.

A High Sense of Service

Our clients appreciate our personal attention and high level of service. We know that we must constantly earn the right to serve our clients.