Keep watching first tool you will definitely need is the dotting tool nail art designs, it is called dotting tool because normally it used to do dots, but honestly there is so much more that you can do, you can do the 3D designs, you can work with chell, you can even do the smile lines with it, so there are many sizes so they start with the tiniest sphere and also they can be pretty large, so usually you will need about two to three sizes, large, medium and small they are also sold french manicure short nails.The kids when you will have four to five sizes of the dodging tools and also they have different size on both sides so normally you don’t need a lot, also they come with a wooden handle, sometimes it is curved, sometimes it’s plastic handle, so I recommend to have at least two to three sizes, this is usually enough to do many different kinds of amazing designs, always choose metallic ones because they are so easy to clean, no matter what product you’re going to use whether it’s gonna be nail polish acrylic panes gel anything next tool is not really a tool, but you will definitely need it, so this is paper with a shiny surface so called photo paper, usually this paper is sold in authors shops, so I buy this one they come like in small albums, there are a hundred pieces and you can apply gel or gel polish glitter anything you want here and once you’re done.Then you just remove the sheet and go to another one and of course it doesn’t have to be some specific paper, you can use a file folder, you can use the kitchen foil, but honestly as kitchen foil is Silver I do not recommend that because it will reflect the light and your eyes will feel tired after the whole day, also you can find any kind of plastic surface with the shiny side and you can use it as well, and there are many many different kinds of special tools like this ring, you can put it on your finger, and you can apply all kind of gel or paints here and paint, but you don’t need something specific like I said it can be any shiny surface, or you can take a plastic wrap and apply it on any shiny surface, it can be even a small piece of glass, you will definitely need a super thin synthetic brush usually it’s.Zero or two zero sometimes they come in a size which is even three zeroes so normally this brush have like two Sri maximum five bristles and you will definitely need to create super fine lines, usually these brushes they can work with regular nail polishes with gel gel polishes and even acrylic paint, if you think that you feel like doing nail art, even if you don’t know how to draw yet I still recommend you to buy this brush because you can add small details, you can apply glitter with gel with it, so this is to actually I’m using the most in my designs sometimes so we want to create something a little bigger and for these purposes, we will need larger brush, so I recommend to buy brush number one and this is natural kolinski brush in my country is Russia, they sell it in regular craft stores like for artists.And they are way cheaper than brushes in the special nail shops, so I recommend you to look for something like that, maybe you don’t have to bite like I said in a specific nail shop because normally this brush is designed for painters, it is not something specifically for nail artists, it is rounded, it’s Colin’s key and always check that it’s supposed to have a sharp edge and old bristles should look into the one direction fan brush, usually they come in different sizes, it can be wide or it can be smaller and in this case size doesn’t matter at all fan brush can be used for many different things you can apply glitter dry glitter can apply colorful pigments, you can do dry brush style design, you can do different kinds of strokes and honestly I have just two or three which is very rare for me because I have tons of brushes but fan brush I only have two or three sides.This and that’s more than enough, so normally you only need one so one friend brushes something you will definitely need to get started, silicone brush, this is brush made of silicone so it’s not really a brush, it’s like a silicone on a stick, and this is a great tool because I call it nail eraser because you can erase any lines that you are not happy with when you’re working with gel or gel, polish, also these brushes are widely used to do the pigments to do mirror newborn mermaid style looks and also it will help you to remove gel from your jar, if you’re working with the gel as well so this is a multipurpose brush also they’re widely used to do the 3D designs with three d and five d gels and they come also in different sizes and different shapes and if your goal currently just get started the size and the shape also doesn’t matter, just take.Any that you can find they also vary in colors, but as far as I understood colour also doesn’t matter usually white brushes are slightly softer and the grey ones are harder, so to erase lines, you can use any brush that you like, so I prefer medium size but small size will also work as well in case you’re not familiar with this tool, you definitely need to have it, if you’re just a nail art enthusiast or your professional nail technician, it is called orange wood stick, so this is a stick made of orange wood on one side, it’s sharp on the other side, it looks like this and even though it looks like it’s more like a miniature tool because you can push back the cuticle’s it’s really great nail art tool, you can also fix lines, you can even do dust with the sharp side, also it can be used to fix some treaty designs, this is definitely a multipurpose unique nail. A tool and if you are using it only for nail art, if you don’t push other people’s cubicles with this, this is also a reusable tool, so once this side gets too dirty after fixing some colors or mixing colors, that’s another thing that you can do, then you only need to take file file off the extra.And now you have a new orange wood stick next to Liz sponge or eyeshadow applicator, and I used my old ones for purpose so you can see that there are also so many things you can do, you can apply a glitter, you can apply Chrome powders a you can do the gradient with them and of course you can use the special this fancy magic wand or sponge tool, but normally it’s just a stick with a sponge on the top so you can find the special cosmetic sponge or eyeshadow sponges work just perfect because their pores they’re pretty small and that’s exactly what we need for the nail art and usually they are sold in a big pack so you can take a new one or you can also clean them and reuse as well, next tool is a plastic crap exactly the one we used to seal our food so normally it comes in.A large tube, but what I did I just simply caught the extra so this one is almost the size of my finger even smaller and we will need it for also many kinds of designs, if you’re using glitter or accessories or anything on your nail and it doesn’t want to get flat so what you can do is just wrap your finger put it in the uv lamp cure, and then remove it, so this will allow you to set your accessories, dry flowers, anything you need you wanted flat and this plastic crab will help to keep it right there and it will not prevent curing as it’s clear and all the uv and LED light will go right through it and also you can do like the crumpled metal look and many other things, so this is pretty simple and it’s not even a tool I bet you already have it in your home so all you need to do is just count a piece of it.And do the art last tool is a lint free napkin and you probably already have them and I know they are sold in beauty shops, but if you don’t have something like that you don’t even have to buy it, you can create it by yourself so you need to find some kind of napkin that is lead free and it usually looks like fabric, for example I found the one so this is kleenex, viva and we buy them in a shop, that’s like kind of home depot in Russia so you buy the whole row and normally it’s for cleaning your house, it’s not specifically for nails though so they come on the roll, there are like 56 pieces and then you simply caught them into small size like this one and so out of this role you have like I don’t know a few hundred pieces softly.Free napkin, so also this doesn’t have to be something specific for nail something extremely expensive, all you need to do is just take time and find a good product that will work as a Lynn free napkin for you, so this was my must have list of ten tools.