We are trying to get rid of our ogre feet moisture wicking wool socks, first off we’ve got a sofa feet, so we’re gonna soak feet for about ten minutes we’re gonna put these are therapeutics feeling put mass scaling them down below they’re supposed to make our feet peel for about a week and a half two weeks I’m gonna start just scrubbing away goes down that skin eyes, there are feminine zoo you at least get your feet covered by this little notice, I’m hiding behind this, have like don’t get you know cause all those weirdos have the foot fetishes I don’t want him to be like eking out over my over feet or over feet so you just scrap all the little rabbit away crap on your feet for the mask, OK do you love yourself moisturizing sleep socks. Bella’s a most effective, so when jess and I first became friends I don’t know how we started talking about baths and she’s well she’s like oh I don’t like baths, it’s like your body do, however, since then I’ve come to really enjoy that that’s good I don’t think I ever bathed the proper way ever since then every time I take a Bath, I’m like I’m soup, that’s disgusting, this is the type of video, this is you guys if you’re not into it, you can just pass with these masks to get the most effective peel you’re supposed to soak your feet about ten minutes every day, okay so we’re going to do that, we’re gonna update you guys as we go dry off your feet okay we’re done, okay. Feats are dry like pop open the socks, they smell they smell like mint tea or tea tree e yeah so you put your foot in there in there yeah so I cut the of this idea in the very top one I’ll try it out, oh gosh hairy mess, my nap, it’s slippery it seriously smells like nail polish like that smell little okay, did I put it all, let’s do what works, you know those guys, this is the weirdest contraption ever but we’re gonna have such soft feet after a meal like a lord of the rings like hobbit like my little booty turning our hobbit feet into can’t see my hairy legs from there, hey I got the hang of it way better this time, well Ben sup to me, did you bring socks by chance, Wu you’re comfy monkeys, not my comfy. Okay, I’m not rinsing my hands off in the water that I just don’t treat I feel like I’m burning the flesh off my feet well, we’re gonna burn it for about an hour and a half o’carroll gonna explain acid everywhere helping as you have a much stronger core than I do so, these are gonna stay on for about an hour and a half and we will update you guys over the next we’re gonna have two weeks progress photos, you can watch our feet transform into so in two weeks, we’re gonna do a reveal well we’re gonna we’re gonna show them like the skin falling off will do the final reveal great I can’t stay tuned to see what our feet look like after this to see if we have feet feel good friends sale, what’s slimy I just took the mask off. Like just a little bit ago my feet are all dry now and they feel really clean like they have a really fresh feeling to them, they look better than they’ve looked in a long, long time, see how thick that skin is that so much dead skin right there so it’s been about four days since we did the foot peel and I was just sitting on the couch watching TV. And I felt my feet were like cracking but they’re like starting to peel.It’s so gross I really didn’t think that it was gonna do anything because it didn’t do anything for the first three days and now all of a sudden I have the net feat in the world I guess we’ll see what happens. With the rest of the peel, my feet aren’t doing like a ton, not like holly’s was gosh I’m jealous kind of see they are starting to do a little bit, I mean they kind of just look shiny and wrinkly and old, this toe is a little bit peeling, let’s see here we go, hello skin one or two more days and we might have some good good stuff, going, um there we go, it’s like thick you guys it’s like a whole nother human under there I just soaked my feet for about twenty minutes, oh my gosh, they look like zombies I look like my flesh is just falling off, oh my gosh, it looks so dead, it just scrapes right off oh my gosh. Ooh that is absolutely insane and it’s so soft underneath I cannot believe how much dead skin, this is peeling off, this is so crazy I just can’t stop it’s just too addicting, you guys my whole foot is coming off I’m gonna have a foot sock skin sock, it’s just so pale right now, after I soak them it’s addictive I have a problem ome I gosh you know what I just realized I have a whole another foot to do I can do this one tonight and see what the other one does tomorrow look at that, oh my gosh so that is from last night, what I did not feel off, it’s just hanging there, just chilling just foot skin chilling oh my god, god see feeling it now. I wish I would have just peeled it all off last night because it was just it just peeled better, that’s the biggest piece of skin I’ve ever seen in my life, oh I’m really not sure if I should be proud or if I should be embarrassed, oh so I definitely think that soaking them helps because now that it’s dry, it just doesnt want to peel off this good, so I’m just gonna take this these big chunks off and then also so come again later today that is so gross, you can even see like my footprint, we are back, it’s been about two weeks of foot peeling fun slash grossness question. Before I show you I’m gonna show show her my video, she hasn’t seen me yet did yours kind of flake off did peel off so there’s there’s a lot of like chunks that were kind of like pulling away from the skin and so my I’m sitting on the couch watching TV, and I felt like my foot kind of like tickling and itching, and I was like what is this weird feeling on my feet, so I took my sock off and there was like skin like floating in the wind I was like what I had to keep socks on my face so that I won’t leave skin tones, or I was like the first I I have forgotten about the peel until that moment I was like what the heck is wrong with my feet and I’m like oh my gosh the football and so Josh sitting next to me and I’m like hey look at my feet look at my feet and I’m all like feel it off, hey mines at one point it felt like I was wearing like a sock underneath my sock, okay I gotta see this hey. Oh my gosh, I’m like don’t break it down break it off last night was a piece that was better than the first time we did that no yeah, this is way better than the first time I did I thank you I got a picture of it, oh my gosh a huge job freaking disgusting, I’m gonna have a sock skins off and the weird thing is it doesn’t hurt definitely yeah it off I think the whole foot peeling thing is either something you love, or you hate it and I loved it I loved it I loved it I just you know it’s kind of like it’s kind of gross when you think about it like when you said I don’t know if I should be proud of this, it’s like yeah this is this is my foot like I have all this dead skin, oh my, this is so much softer than it was. So good after a pedicure that that foot peel worked so much better than I am totally blown away I am shocked my heel look at this, this used to be like so dry sound of fresh flesh, yeah yeah I think success for sure, yeah I’m gonna do it again, it even peeled like the front of my cows, everything all the dead skin is gone except for where it was really thick, the only thing I didn’t like about it and it might be because we left it on a little too long, he did for like an entire day or two after I felt like I had frostbite almighty, it felt minty, it felt minty and it was horrible, it was like like the first little bit was like oh it’s like refreshing Ice but it’s annoying it just got like when is it gonna stop consonant just comfort the feeling of minty fresh beef, so I can’t wait to go.