Jeff is a physicist and technologist who loves ideas and turning them into useful products and defensible intellectual property. After post-doctoral appointments in Denmark and Japan, he moved to industry to tackle problems that are relevant to companies and customers. For over 20 years he’s been a technology champion, an inventor, and a leader.

Jeff’s technical experience includes sensors, electronics, algorithms, signal processing, and audio processing, all in a variety of fields such as consumer electronics, cell phones, wearables, quantified self, medical devices, and automotive electronics.

Jeff was an inventor on over 25 patents, some of which are listed below.


9,565,491 Real time processing of ambient sound

9,747,282 Translation with conversational overlap

9,736,264 Personal audio system using processing parameters learned from user feedback

9,703,524 Privacy protection in collective feedforward

9,678,709 Processing sound using collective feedforward

9,654,861 Annoyance noise suppression

9,584,899 Sharing of custom audio processing parameters

9,574,954 Systems and methods for press force detectors

9,560,437 Time heuristic audio control

9,557,960 Active acoustic filter with automatic selection of filter parameters

9,412,356 Apparatus and method for non-occluded active noise shaping

9,261,418 Systems and methods for common mode cancellation in press force detectors

8,669,963 Sensor system

8,531,392 Multifunctional scroll sensor

8,049,731 System and method for implementing a control function via a sensor having a touch sensitive control input surface

7,791,596 Touch input device having interleaved scroll sensors

7,772,960 Preloaded force sensing resistor and method

7,573,464 Shape adaptable resistive touch pad

7,554,531 Annular potentiometric touch sensor

7,310,089 Annular potentiometric touch sensor

7,213,323 Method of forming an electronic pressure sensitive transducer on a printed circuit board

7,176,889 Force sensing pointing device with click function

7,113,179 Force sensing resistor with calibration element and method of manufacturing same

7,050,045 Miniature highly manufacturable mouse pointing device

6,909,354 Electronic pressure sensitive transducer and method for manufacturing same


Ph.D. in Physics

Florida State University, 1997